Though I have been an avid comic collector in the past, I had let my reading slip in the last months due to my new hobby (this page) and lack of funds. However, a recent discussion on a message board brought to my attention a serious venue I had been missing out on.

Kool-Aid Man comics!

Interested, I decided to go to my old hangout, Larry's Books & Comics. With their large selection of back issues, and an owner that knew a great deal about all things Comic Book related, I was positive I would come out on top.


No sooner than I arrived, I was struck by the distinct odor of Cherry Kool-Aid. Odd, I thought, as Larry, the shop's proprietor never drank anything other than Diet Cola.

Intrigued, I asked Larry about this olfactory disturbance. Clearing his throat oddly, he quickly changed topics, asking what had brought me back in before taking a bite out of his sandwich. He nearly spit it back out again when I asked him if he had a copy of the Kool-Aid Man comic.

Click to enlarge picture!
Taken from Larry's Books & Comics security tapes that I swiped before I was evicted!

He hurriedly assured me no such thing existed and even suggested I leave. Suspect about his odd behavior I thanked him for his time and walked to the back of the store. Larry was hiding something!

As I walked towards the used comics section, the cherry odor grew stronger. I followed the scent to the canceled comics bin.




...And after all the things I bought there too! Well, now I had evidence he was cooperating with Kraft Foods. They must have tapped my computer and figured I was coming.

The only course of action now was to take the fight to them, starting with that sellout Larry...


I made sure I wasn't missing anything else in the back issue bin. No, the Kool-Aid comics were gone, but I still had evidence of a plot. Trying to act casual, I snuck into the back and stole the surveillance tape, figuring I might get some good information off of it.

Then I stormed back to the front, Larry was reading something, but quickly tried to hide it as I drew near!

I demanded to know what he was reading, but for some reason he was being evasive. Suddenly, something in his shirt shifted, and out tumbled several more packets of Kool-Aid!

This distracted him long enough for me to grab the comic in his hands.

  Larry desperately wanted to get the comic away from me, but by now I could clearly see it was an issue of Kool-Aid Man (# 2 I believe)

Yet more packets of Kool-Aid fell out of his shirt as we struggled.


In the end, I won out and angrily shoved the evidence in his face.

For a moment Larry was stunned...


...and then I was, but mostly because he punched me in the face.

I will never patronize that dump again!


I managed to snap this pic before he tried to attack me again. I got out with the camera tape, but no comic.

All in all, it was a semi successful trip. I now know such a comic exists, and that this little conspiracy goes deeper than I had suspected!

FUN FACT: Blood doesn't come off of Polaroid, much like Kool-Aid in cotton.