Yes, it seems we are supposed to believe that Kraft Foods, "owners of the Kool-Aid man license" let him set up this page. A brief glance will say it all. Poor layout and design. This was done to throw the weak willed and lazy off track, nothing more! Don't give in!
X-E KOOL-AID INFO More Kool-Aid Man info than you thought you were going to see when you got up this morning! Admit it!  
The Death of the Kool-Aid Man! Fanfiction at its finest. Please just never let it happen! He must never die!  
Mr T. Vs. Kool-Aid Man I doubt they would fight in reality, but it's still fun to see sucka!  
Kool-Aid Newsgroup Like it says, newsgroup for Kool-Aid.  
  Kool-Aid FAQ More info on Kool-Aid than even I can handle in one sitting!    
  Kool-Aid Man's moment! He got to put his feet in the cement for posterity. Too bad it wasn't really him!    
  Kool-Aid Man Destroys Home, Ruins Party Kool-Aid Man... Murderer? Oh no!